In a world of conflicts with ever widening chasms between every individual and society, there is an urgent need to re-establish meaningful social condition through music, dance, art and theatre. Natana was established in 2001 to involve children and youth in performing arts later grew as a professional group. Natana approaches theatre rooted in folk, history, mythology and in local traditions through contemporary means. By making young minds to learn dance, music, painting and film appreciation, Natana seeks to pass on the cultural experiences of a generation to a new audience.

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Natana has started professional acting and theatre training for both adults and children. In order to pass the heritage of theatre to next generation and to attract people towards theatre Natana has started this project. 30 candidates from 16 year to 30 year age group will be selected through an audition which will be held in the month of May every year. Since June daily classes will be conducted from 5.30 PM to 9 PM at Natana. Theatre and acting training will be given also for children from 08 years to 14 year age group. Classes will be conducted every Saturday and Sunday. Summer theatre workshop is also conducted in the month of April and May for children.


Natana has constructed a fully equipped theatre auditorium at Ramakrishna nagar K Block Mysore. this theatre auditorium is meant for theatre training theatre performances music and dance programs films screening book release functions seminars and other theater ,literature and art related events. it has got performing space with 240 seating’s, green rooms, library, back stage work space costume room set and property storage rooms and also a guest house which is very much essential for a theatre school. Our Rangamandira is always busy with theatre has become an integral part of heritage city by attracting Theatre lovers.



NATANA is the dream project of Mandya Ramesh, an actor, director and a complete theatre personality who has been working in theatre since 36 years. ‘Natana’ is moulded with the modern thoughts, professionalism and experimentalism of modern theatre schools and repertories; enthusiasm and energy of rural folk theatre; and intellectuality of urban amateur groups. Study, demonstration and exhibition of Theatre and its sub streams like literature, music, dance, painting, films and other art forms is the main objective of Natana.


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